Ugh, is Philly the new Boston?

Ugh, is Philly the new Boston?

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Ugh, is Philly the new Boston?

I live in the Twin Cities, if that hasn’t been completely transparent by this point, and I can say that one of the local worries about the Super Bowl was having two obnoxious fan bases come and invade our city. Bostonians have been irrepressibly obnoxious for a while, but it really kicked into high gear when the Patriots won their first Super Bowl in 2000, and then all the Boston teams started winning. Philadelphia is just a big pile of angry.

Alas, the Twin Cities made it through OK, and the Eagles won the Super Bowll. I bring this up because Broad Street Hockey recently posted about the Flyers and the best February they have had since 1976. It matches point streaks and February streaks from some of the all time best Flyers teams. To wit: +”See a trend forming here? 1976 Flyers. Cup Finals. 1997 Flyers. Cup Finals. 2004 Flyers. Conference Finals”Oh crap. First the Eagles, and now the Flyers too? And the Phillies are getting better, and the 76ers are one of the hottest teams in the league. We have to do something about this before Philadelphia becomes Boston with even worse people.

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