Report: Theis tears meniscus, out for season

Report: Theis tears meniscus, out for season


Report: Theis tears meniscus, out for season

Well this is a definitely horrible news.

No one expected this to be serious coming out of last night’s game. The MRI on Theis’ knee was characterized as precautionary.

Instead, it’s a torn meniscus and he’s done.

This hurts a surging Celtics bench because it takes away a very athletic option for Boston. Theis was counted on to be a mobile, switchable defender that would be critical against faster opponents. Now, it will be up to Greg Monroe.

Monroe’s strengths are not Theis’, and we’ll have to see how much that drop off in lateral quickness will hurt the Celtics bench defensively. However, it’s good to have another big who can rebound so while this hurts the bench, the Celtics might be able to figure things out without too much trouble.

This just sucks for Theis, though. I really like this kid so let’s hope for a speedy recovery.


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