The Daily Target 4/2/2018

The Daily Target 4/2/2018


The Daily Target 4/2/2018

Last Night: Twins 7, Orioles 0 – The Twins starting rotation is still yet to have allowed a run this season, after Jose Berrios pitched a complete game shutout. There was some trouble in the 9th, which is mostly dumb, so let’s focus on the positive. The bopped 4 solo homers, including two from Brian Dozier, but also ones from Miguel Sano and Eduardo Escobar.

KARE: FSN calls ‘Circle Me Bert’ flap a misunderstanding – This was an important controversy from a few days ago. I mean, it wasn’t a controversy, of course, just an old guy got a text message on a regular phone instead of his large text Jitterbug phone, and a lot was lost in translation.

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In less than 7 days, the Chargers…beat the Radiers, lost Perryman for the year, saw Bosa practice, had another December game (…)

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