3 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment That Every Fitness Fanatic Needs

3 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment That Every Fitness Fanatic Needs


3 Pieces of Home Gym Equipment That Every Fitness Fanatic Needs


How many of you made new year’s resolutions to get in shape and start working out more? Every year, many of us decide that enough is enough, that we are sick and tired of an unhealthy lifestyle and we want to start taking our health more seriously. However, sticking to these resolutions is never easy. Making significant lifestyle changes and sticking to them is one of the hardest things that any of us can ever do, but the potential rewards are enormous.

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When we are able to successfully make these kind of changes, changes which are beneficial to our health, then we will feel the benefits reverberating throughout our lives. Nothing that good comes for free, or even easily, however.

In order to make a significant difference to your overall fitness level, a home gym needs to be stocked with the right equipment. It isn’t a case of just buying the most variety of the most expensive equipment that you can, instead you should be looking to buy the equipment that you need to work out the areas of your physique that you wish to focus on.

The following are the most essential pieces of equipment for any home gym. These are the pieces of equipment that will make the most difference to the effectiveness of your home gym and the benefits you reap from it.

Skipping Rope

Skipping is an often underappreciated way of giving yourself a full body workout. Skipping makes use of a range of different muscles which makes it useful regardless of the areas of your physique that you are targeting. Skipping ropes are great because they are so cheap and readily available. They are also nice and compact. This means that acquiring them, storing them and using them doesn’t require you to make a significant amount of extra space, nor are they expensive to acquire.


Dumbbells are one of the most common and traditional pieces of gym equipment. Weight lifting is an effective way of improving strength and stamina. Exercising with weights is also a great way of building muscle. Sometimes full-size barbells are simply too big to be stored and used in the home. The dumbbell is a more compact version which is far more versatile. For an example of the kind of high quality dumbbell you can find online, you can see review here.

Hula Hoop

This is another piece of home fitness equipment which is so ubiquitous and common that it is often overlooked. The hula hoop is an excellent way of getting an aerobic workout and aiding fat loss. The hula hoop is one of the cheapest pieces of exercise equipment you are likely to find, but it is also one of the most versatile. There are a wide range of workout routines which incorporate the hula hoop.

Setting up a home gym is an excellent first step towards a healthier and more active lifestyle. Many of us could do with more exercise, but far too few of us ever pursue these exercises in the way that we should. Choosing the right equipment for your gym is an important part of the equation.

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