Choosing the Right Sports Shoes

Choosing the Right Sports Shoes


Choosing the Right Sports Shoes


If you are serious about getting into the best shape possible and staying that way, you will need to be prepared to invest in the appropriate training and equipment. It can be tempting to dive straight into working out, loading up on equipment and pushing yourself too far. Of all the pieces of sports and fitness equipment that you will buy, shoes are among the most important.

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Not only do you need to invest in a pair of proper sports shoes, you need to get the right sports shoes for the sport or training that you plan to do. For example, the shoes that you wear for football or tennis will not be the same ones that you wear when you want to go for a run.

Wearing the wrong shoes when partaking in sports or other strenuous exercise can lead to problems throughout the body. Pain in the back, knee and hip are all common problems that arise from using incorrect shoes. And that is before we even get on to the problems that the wrong shoes can cause to a person’s feet.


Whether it is played on a natural grass pitch, or on some kind of artificial ground, soccer demands a particular type of shoe. If you are playing either indoors or on a fully artificial pitch, you might be able to get away with pair of general purpose trainers. However, if you are going to be playing on an all-natural grass pitch, you will want a pair of boots that are designed for the terrain.

Soccer boots will have studs on the underside which allow for extra grip when the ground beneath is muddy. If the boots are either unsuitable or ill-fitting then this can lead to a number of different issues with the player’s feet.

Basketball and Netball

Court games such as basketball and netball require a particular type of shoe. Courts are generally a fairly forgiving surface to play on, by which we mean the floor of a court is often springy and, to an extent, spongy. The kind of shoes that you need for these games should offer a decent combination of flexibility and sideways support.

Not everyone will be playing these sports indoors however. Both basketball and netball are increasingly being played on outside courts. Basketball is also often played on concrete courts, so if you play outside then you will want slightly different shoes.

Walking and Hiking

Both walking and hiking are excellent ways to stay in shape. Those who are unable to participate in some of the more strenuous sports will appreciate the gentler pace of these activities. These are also the perfect exercise choices for those who only have a limited amount of time to get outdoors.

If you are looking for a pair of comfortable shoes for relatively short walks around urban environments or gentle countryside, then all you really need is something that is comfortable and fits well. If you will be undertaking longer hikes and regular walks, then you will want to invest in something a little more sturdy and durable.

Choosing the right sports shoes makes a huge amount of difference to both your performance and comfort when playing the sport and the amount of discomfort that your body feels afterwards.

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