8 principles of a successful player in bookmakers

8 principles of a successful player in bookmakers


8 principles of a successful player in bookmakers

The game in bookmaker offices has become very popular now. Players who make bets in them watch sports events, and, finding an event where there is an obvious favorite and an outsider, rush to put on the event, already thinking about the future win. But, unfortunately, this approach to bets is doomed to failure.

To succeed in betting (betting on sporting events), you must strictly adhere to the basic rules that were formulated by professional players. In this article we will talk about them in detail.

  1. Don’t play for the money that you will feel disappointed for losing.

The amount that you can afford to play bets should not be too big for your earnings, you do not have to deny yourself anything in order to make another bet.

  1. Set yourself a clear goal.

If you want to get extra adrenaline from the bets when you watch a game with your favorite team, that’s one thing. But if you are trying to bet on sports with your extra earnings – then this is a completely different conversation.

  1. Take it easy with losing.

Even a professional player is not immune to losses, and they will sometimes happen to him. There are a series of failures when you can lose a large part of the bankroll. And in this period for you the main task is to keep sober mind. After some time, failures will recede and you will have the opportunity to increase the bankroll.

  1. Do not try to recoup.

Let’s go back to the emotions. Many players do not find their place even after a small loss and are trying to win back losses. And this is the most common reason for losses in bookmakers. At this time, the player is not in the position to predict the outcome of the upcoming fight. Our advice: take a break in the bets, switch to something else until you step back from losing.

  1. Choose a tournament for yourself.

It’s much better than betting in 10 tournaments, in which you do not really know anything. Bet only in one league, which you know well. Although you will have weeks to study it, and you will rarely put it, but you will be able to predict all possible outcomes that may occur in the game.

  1. Do not put on a popular event.

In events that are rumored and talked about a lot on television and the press, bookmakers underestimate the coefficients. After all, they will still be supplied with a huge amount of money, and the office does not need to offer too good rates.

  1. Try new game strategies.

The world of sports betting is in constant motion. A strategy that can give a player a stable profit today will not necessarily do the same after a few years. Bookmakers are always busy looking for “holes” and eliminate them. And you better try new strategies. You can open an account for this at a small amount in any bookmaker office or play on new strategies virtually, so as not to lose real money.

  1. Do not make express bets.

Many players have already managed to lose, making bets on the express, but still continue to play them. Of course it’s much more pleasant to win the amount 20 times more than you bet, 1.75 times, but this is a short joy. In the long term, the game by expresses will lead to a loss of the deposit. The reason for this is the margin – in a separate event its value can reach from 2 to 10 percent, whereas in expresses its size can increase to 40. Is it possible to win in such situation with a bookmaker?

Sports betting can bring joy from your victories and bitterness from defeat. Believe in yourself, but do not forget to do anything for your victory. Work on yourself, try new strategy games, read articles on the topic at oddsexpert.co.uk and communicate with other players. And do not forget that for success in betting, as in any other case, you need not to lie on the couch, but to act.

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