QUICK CAP R1G1: That Was Easy!

QUICK CAP R1G1: That Was Easy!


QUICK CAP R1G1: That Was Easy!


If that wasn’t one of the most demoralizing beatdowns in the history of playoff hockey, I don’t know what is. Going into this series, basically every story line you read over the past few days went something like this: both offenses are good, both defenses aren’t very good, the goalies are sort of a question mark (which LOL), and so it’s all gonna come down to which team can keep up in the goal scoring department. A shootout in the postseason, if you will.

Well, we’re through 60 minutes of hockey and the Pens are currently leading the scoreboard 7-0. Sidney Crosby and company put up a goddamn touchdown and extra point in Game 1 of the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs. If you didn’t think the Penguins were ready to defend their throne for the second consecutive year, you’ve been sadly mistaken. Shit just got real. Fast.

Now, I know you only get one win for kicking the absolute piss out of your opponent in a 60-minute hockey game. But if a series was ever over after one game, this is it. There’s no coming back for Philadelphia. Maybe they’ll get lucky and get a win at home by feeding off their horse shit eating fans. Then again, if the Penguins play even 75% the way they played tonight for the rest of the series, this thing is only going four games. Mark it down.

A few notes:

  • Evgeni Malkin put on an absolute CLINIC by skating around approximately 1,975 Flyers to score this beauty of a goal the moment he got out of the penalty box late in the 1st period:

  • Sidney Crosby somehow one-upped Evgeni Malkin by recording a natural hat trick, which included his patented “bat the puck out of mid-air goal” that nobody else in the NHL seems to be capable of doing (sorry Phil Kessel).

  • The kid not named Marc-Andre Fleury has a hell of a postseason shutout streak going.

  • These Flyers fans were stunned. A lot.



And that’ll do it for Game 1. Stay tuned for the full recap in the am from Geoff (@G_Off817) per usual.

Go Pens.


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