Why Are Thousands of Law Enforcement Officers Preparing for the Boston Marathon?

Why Are Thousands of Law Enforcement Officers Preparing for the Boston Marathon?

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Why Are Thousands of Law Enforcement Officers Preparing for the Boston Marathon?


Five years later, and the memories are still fresh in ours and the hearts of enforcement officers.

Five years ago, at the Boston Marathon Finish Line, two bombs detonated, leaving many injured. For diehard marathoners, including leading personal injury lawyers Mississauga, the event us with scars and it is highly unlikely to find most of us there. But, law enforcement officers are doing all they can to handle any threats that could jeopardize the 122nd Boston Marathon scheduled for April 16.

What are the officers doing?

Concerted police efforts. While no active threats have been reported, the local, state and the federal enforcement officers are working together to catch anyone planning an attack. Their heightened involvement could suggest the presence of a credible threat against the thousands of runners who will be at the event hence the officers’ take to beef up security.

Adjustments to security plans. The officers, leaders of the state and the federal public safety agencies, alongside the Transit Police and the Boston Police are making adjustments to their security plans to fully cater to the safety of the marathoners and the general public. With terrorists using trucks in France and the Las Vegas shootings, this is a great move.

Setting up of tight rules. The Boston marathon is largely a family event, and the law enforcement officers intend to keep it that way. As a result, they are asking participants and anyone cheering the participants to abide by these rules.

They shouldn’t carry coolers or coolers with wheels. Backpacks are not allowed, and personal items should be carried in clear plastic bags. Bottles should be clear and with a maximum capacity of 1 liter, and glass bottles are not allowed.

Furthermore, the officers are making the spectator areas no-drone zones.

Enhanced security monitoring. To boost security, the enforcement offices will deploy 3 tethered drones which will help in monitoring the security before, during and after the 26.2-mile race. The drones will have a unified command center.

Numbers. At least 8,000 state officers and local uniformed police officers, as well as uniformed National Guardsmen,  will be located at the high-visibility areas, along the 26.2-mile stretch.

Public participation. While doing their best to protect everyone in the race, the law enforcement officers urge all planning to attend to notify officers of anything out of the ordinary.

Road closures. Before and during the marathon, multiple roads will remain closed with the main streets staying closed up until 5.30pm on April 16th.

Searches. Besides having officers manning rooftops and the deployment of blocker trucks at intersections, they will set up a security check near the Audubon Circle. People without bags will move on faster and bags will be thoroughly searched individually.


While there is no credible threat reported, the officers aren’t about to be complacent. Hence these measures. Noting that nothing is too small and therefore worth reporting, the officers are asking for full support from all the participants and spectators.

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