Reminder: The Cardinals Can Afford Any Player They Want

Reminder: The Cardinals Can Afford Any Player They Want

St. Louis Cardinals

Reminder: The Cardinals Can Afford Any Player They Want


I don’t know how the Cardinals 2018 season will end.

Based on the first three weeks of games, it looks like the prevailing collective thought heading into opening day of ‘pretty good team, wild card contender, catch a few breaks and stay healthy maybe compete for the division’ feels about right.

But if I knew for sure what the ultimate outcome would be?

I’d load up on futures when I’m in Las Vegas next month and retire in early November.

Probably have a little something left over for you, just because.

I do know, however, for sure, that no matter what happens the rest of the ’18 season, there are going to be free agents this upcoming winter that can help the team in ’19.

Here’s a partial list of names that will be available:

  • Bryce Harper
  • Manny Machado
  • Clayton Kerhsaw (opt-out)
  • Andrew Miller
  • Josh Donaldson

And more!

It’s going to be an awesome off-season for at least a couple of teams. And I’d suspect that the fiscal restraint (some might say collusion) of MLB ownership groups that took place in the ’17-’18 off-season is going to be out the window and down the block by Thanksgiving.

I know what you’re thinking.

I’m thinking it, too.

No WAY the Cardinals are going to be able to offer a guy like Machado what he’ll be asking.



Forbes released their MLB team valuations this week:

According to the numbers above, the Cardinals have a operating margin of 12.54%, meaning that for every dollar you give the team, roughly 12.5 cents of that dollar is profit for them after they pay all the bills.

This is BEFORE the billion dollar TV deal that kicked in for 2018. Expect a fairly substantial profit jump in next year’s valuation.

For comparison, the Yankees are at 2.26%. Or every dollar given to the Yankees leads to ~2.7 cents in profit.

Not apples to apples, of course. New York has more overall revenue, etc etc.

And I’m 100% positive that every MLB team would deride these numbers as either A) false B) too simplistic C) not telling the whole story or D) poppycock clickbait.


It’s just another reminder that the Cardinals bank. They might dispute to what degree, but they bank.

(BTW, Bernie has a good article up right now on these valuations that you should check out. Figured if you made it past the profit margin paragraphs and are still here, you like this kind of stuff…)


There’s a ton of baseball ahead in 2018.

Hell, if you’ve been lucky enough to go to a game this year, you’ve probably had to wear a coat and gloves, so let’s not fast forward through summer.

Just put a pin in these valuations when the hot stove warms up this winter.

And remember – no matter what you’re told by friends, family or the front office – the Cardinals can afford any player they want.

It’s a matter of how much profit they want to maintain.

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