How High-Intensity Sports Affect Men

How High-Intensity Sports Affect Men


How High-Intensity Sports Affect Men


Sex is arguably the most desirable thing on this earth. However, there are multiple reasons to reduce sex drive. Hypersexuality in men can be a severe issue. It can be a major concern for single people or couples where the libidos are at a different level. Dealing with high libido can be complicated and complex in nature.

Here are some exercises that can lower men’s sex drive:


  • Bodyweight exercises


Stress has a direct relation with men’s and women’s sexual routine. Engaging into stressful bodyweight exercises such as handed planches and handstand pushups can be highly stressful. Bodyweight exercises can make you stressed, which leads to a reduction in men’s sex drive.


  • High Endurance activity


According to recent studies, getting into intense cardiovascular activity can reduce men’s sex drive. Exercising strenuously can result into lower libido that is the major reason behind less sex drive. Engaging in excessive vigorous cardiovascular activity such as swimming and sprinting result into less sex drive.

Some men have tried unconventional methods to restore their sex drive. Some have used the Bathmate penis pump as shown on their official site. Many claim to have experienced additional sexual libido boost immediately after use.  Others have used jelqing exercises to help increase their penis size.

Nevertheless, here are three high intensity sports that improve men’s sex drive:


  • Beach volley ball


Beach volley ball is one of the most exciting sports out there. However, it is not just a good spectator sport but it is a relatively new game that can help improve sex life several notches higher. Playing beach volley ball increases doses of Vitamin D in the body which is gained from sunshine. This also increases the level of testosterone.

Just playing beach volley ball for an hour can boost the sex hormones.


  • Running


Running or jogging is a great way to improve one’s sex life. It can get your body rid of things that make you stressed. Stress can decrease libido to a great extent and chances are high that you will not feel like having sex when stressed.

Therefore, jogging or running will decrease the anxiety levels and help improve sex life. It also releases endorphins in the body which makes you feel like having more sex.


  • Bikram yoga


Bikram yoga can improve your sex life considerably. Doing over 26 Hatha positions in a temperature of at least 40 degrees Celsius will make you sweat a lot. Scientists have recently found that sweat glands can release hormones that can turn on women when they smell it. It also reduces stress levels helping you stress better, which in turn triggers the sex drive even more.  

The bottom line

Those were some activities that reduce sex drive and improves sex life. Both extremes of the spectrum can be detrimental to psychological and physical health. Engaging in respective activities can help you achieve one of the ends. Nevertheless, do not forget to eat healthy as well.

For more information, read this study by U.S. National Library of Medicine.

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