R1G3 QUICK CAP: Pens Stomp The Flyers, 5-1, To Take A 2-1 Series Lead

R1G3 QUICK CAP: Pens Stomp The Flyers, 5-1, To Take A 2-1 Series Lead


R1G3 QUICK CAP: Pens Stomp The Flyers, 5-1, To Take A 2-1 Series Lead


Let’s be frank here for a second, the Penguins didn’t come out to play for the first 20 minutes of this one. In fact, the Flyers should’ve been up approximately 4-1 after the 1st period had it not been for Matt Murray playing like a back-to-back Stanley Cup champion and Sid scoring an elite-level wrap around goal that probably made Sam Carchidi’s head explode.

Meanwhile, it was just an absolute slop fest of a start all around by the rest of the visitors in white.

But then came the 2nd period. The Penguins remembered they were the Penguins, and the Flyers remembered they were the Flyers. I’m assuming Mike Sullivan came into the dressing room after the 1st and ripped everyone a new asshole, but we’ll only know for certain once Showtime’s ‘All Access: Quest for the Stanley Cup’ premiers in a few short weeks whenever Chode Giroux’s out and about practicing his short game on the links.

The 2nd period was all Pens. They came out blazing saddles and torched Brian Elliott three times on 13 shots, which included two power play goals. Not bad, right? Well, I’m afraid Brian Elliott’s #1 fan, Jim McGraw, vomited all over himself in the process of it all.

The Flyers would ultimately get on the board, too, after baby face Travis Sanheim shot a wrist shot that went between the legs of no less seven players on the ice, including Matt Murray’s. But it didn’t really matter much because the rest of the game would also appear to be all Pens.

Jesse, quick! Give me your analysis of the 2nd period.

And of the 3rd.

I’m afraid I got big-timed as of within the two minutes I was writing this blog/sent the reply to Jesse, but I’m assuming his analysis of the 3rd was also #good. The Pens would go on to add another goal on the PP to beat the Flyers by a final score of 5-1.

A few notes:

  • Sidney Crosby still owns the city of Philadelphia.

  • Catherine from Philadelphia got mad online during the game (MUST READ twitter thread, btw).

  • The Penguins’ special teams units played phenomenal today.



And that’ll do it for Game 3. Stay tuned for the full recap in the am from Geoff (@G_Off817) per usual.

Go Pens.


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