Recap: Celtics outlast Bucks in Game 1 street fight

Recap: Celtics outlast Bucks in Game 1 street fight


Recap: Celtics outlast Bucks in Game 1 street fight

So much for easing into the playoffs.

In an absolute heart-stopping roller coaster of a game, the Celtics edged the Bucks 113-107 in OT to take a 1-0 lead in the opening round of the playoffs.

The final 30 seconds of regulation was a flurry of insanity. The Brogdon-Rozier-Middleton three-point barrage nearly killed me. A reasonable comparison is having an orgasm and then violently stubbing your toes while walking to the bathroom.

The Celtics had some mind-numbing breakdowns (that hideous turnover flurry in the 2nd quarter, those defensive lapses on the perimeter late in regulation) in this game. Yet, as we’ve seen all year, they managed to make big plays (Tatum’s ridiculous reverse layup on Giannis and subsequent blocked shot on Brogdon) when the moment called for it.

Al Horford (24 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 blocks and 2 steals in 44 minutes) was a god damn beast. Al went went toe-to-toe with the much younger, super freakish Giannis “I get 4 steps” Antetokounmpo. He also calmly nailed 5-of-6 FTs in the final minute. Please get that man into a hyperbaric chamber for the next 36 hours.

Boston relied on 5 guys: Rozier (23 points, 4-9 3 FG), Horford, Tatum (19 points, 10 rebounds), Brown (20 points) and Morris (20 points).

Don’t fall for the analysis that the Celtics are doomed. This was not even close to their best effort. There’s plenty of room for improvement.

PS: Is there an addendum in the rule book that allows players from Greece to take 4 steps and switch pivot feet?


Jayson Olajuwon with the block:

Jaylen could have closed a bit tigher but this is just a miraculous shot by Middleton.

Rozier’s clutch 3 killed Bledsoe’s spirit. What a quitter:

Eric Bledsoe (9 points, 4-12 FG, 5 TOs) had a tough day.

“Never attack the paint. Just throw it to the other team and let them score,” – sarcastic Brad Stevens on his team’s strategy in the hideous 2nd quarter.

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