Johnny Manziel wants to join Patriots if given chance

Johnny Manziel wants to join Patriots if given chance


Johnny Manziel wants to join Patriots if given chance

It’s still unclear if former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel will get a shot to play in the NFL again, but he’s doing his best in hopes of making that happen.

Manziel is supposedly sober, and has been working out with a number of athletes — including Odell Beckham Jr. — in an attempt to land a workout with an NFL team.

He’s still yet to do that, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t get a shot when training camps open in July.

It’s no secret that the Patriots love a redemption story, and they’re often thrilled to bring in guys on the cheap that didn’t pan out for other teams. And with both of the team’s picks in the first round of the draft coming late, when all of the “top” quarterbacks will likely be gone already, they could possibly target a free agent instead, especially with some of the rumored uncertainty surrounding Tom Brady.

Not only that, the Patriots did meet with Manziel at the Texas A&M Pro Day roughly a month ago.

Manziel was recently asked about the possibility of joining the Patriots, and he seemed thrilled about it (via TMZ Sports).

“I’ll go to New England in a heartbeat,” he said.

A lot of players would have a similar response, so it’s hard to read too much into that.

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