There is no stopping Vegas

There is no stopping Vegas

Barry Melrose Rocks

There is no stopping Vegas

The Golden Knights have had a charmed season in year one. They’ve somehow managed to have the best record in the Pacific, and have yet to lose a single game in the playoffs, managing to destroy the Sharks, even after the Sharks made quick work of the Ducks.

So it seems there is no way to beat the Golden Knights through traditional means, perhaps their is a course of action through more nefarious means. This is what everyone worried about with having a team in Vegas, right? Illegal gambling, a long history with organized crime (perhaps overstated at times)?

Anyways, long story short,, here is Evander Kane, taking matters into his own hands, if you know what I’m sayin’.

The greatest mafia in professional sports, Gary Bettman’s commissioner’s office has made sure that Kane won’t be a problem though, and suspended Kane for Game 2 today.

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