Manchester City Wins the Premiere League and is Odds-On for a Rare Repeat in 2018 - 2019

Manchester City Wins the Premiere League and is Odds-On for a Rare Repeat in 2018 - 2019


Manchester City Wins the Premiere League and is Odds-On for a Rare Repeat in 2018 - 2019

The Premiere League winner has been chosen and as it has looked since nearly the start of the season. With a win last week at Tottenham, Manchester City has won it all. The team has had a fantastic season that so far has resulted in a record of 28-3-2 and saw them at one point produce a stunning 18 wins in a row. The kept the pressure on all season and cleared themselves from the pack that included a flawed Manchester United team and unpowered squads from Liverpool and Tottenham. This team has been getting it done on both sides of the ball with a league high 93 goals on offense and a league low 25 goals allowed. The team has lots of discipline and is very well coached.

Their intense and sometimes fiery manager Pep Guardiola has turned this team into a true powerhouse. He put his focus firmly on improving his players and consistency and it paid off, getting several of his team to have career years and building Kyle Walker into someone is prepared to have a breakout season for the club next year.

When Pep is asked what he views as more important; improving his players, the way his team lays or winning, his response was that winning feels good and winning helps to win more. After runs with Barcelona and Bayern Munich where some questioned whether it was his coaching or the superstar squads he inherited that brought him all of his previous success, he has finally built rather than took over a great team, and taken them to the highest levels. He was quoted as saying: “A lot of people said we won in Barcelona because of Messi, they are right, and people say we won at Bayern Munich because they always win, they are right too. At City people had doubts that I would be able to win that way, even myself. But we did it. That is why I’m so happy.”

After a loss against Manchester City in what was their first chance to close out their cross town rivals, there were questions about whether City would falter, but after the Tottenham win a week later, the club proved that it was ready to take the crown and perhaps defend it next year.

There are four matches remaining and Manchester City looks to run to table on the end of the season. This starts with their next match today against Swansea City, who as of late has been playing well against level competition but falters against the top flight clubs.

The success that coach Guardiola proves his coaching prowess and the strength of this Man City team. In fact everyone is saying that if they can stay healthy, Man City has a great chance at repeating next year as Premiere League Champions.

As mentioned we still have four matches to go in the 2018 season and there is still time to catch a few great matches. For the latest headlines on Premiere League Football go to

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