5 Basketball Tips for Beginners

5 Basketball Tips for Beginners


5 Basketball Tips for Beginners


If you’re still a novice or basketball player, then this article will cover 5 basketball tips that will get you on your way to seeing many improvements on the court.

Regardless of what motivates you to become a better basketball player, be it your family, friends or just through watching the NBA, your ability on the court is determined by your training. You need a good foundation to build upon, and only then will your practice and struggles amount to any meaningful level of progress. Every Basketball player started somewhere, and they all started by getting the fundamentals right!

Here are the top 5 basketball tips for beginners:

  • Set achievable targets: Always play the long game and set yourself goals. By setting goals, you give yourself something to work towards and gain an extra sense of motivation in order to achieve that. The objectives should always be achievable. Don’t start off with the objective of playing in the NBA, start off with a more realistic goal like ‘go out and play basketball at least 3 times a week’. Every athlete sets themselves goals, be no different.
  • Develop your physical ability: It is no mystery that basketball is one of the most physically demanding sports, and professional basketball players are among the finest athletes in the world. Time spent off-court is just as important as time spent on the court. You need to make sure you are eating well and getting regular exercise. Your body will then be more and more capable on the court.When you are trying to be a good one, then you need to have a good fitness.
  • Become one with the ball: Handling the ball should feel like second nature. The ball’s weight, size and feeling should be ingrained in your mind. By spending more time with the ball, your hands will develop confidence in controlling it. With that confidence, everything from passing, catching and shooting will become easier. Even if you’re at home, have a basketball nearby and pick it up every now and then.
  • Defending: Defending against your opposition is just as important as your offense. It’s all too easy to neglect your defensive skills, as you might consider it boring. However, every coach knows the importance of strong defensive skills. You’ll quickly rise to become one of their favorites if you attach importance to an area of the game that many others neglect.
  • Train your legs: While we immediately think of our hands when we think of basketball, legwork is what really differentiates the best players from the rest. It is responsible for your movement on the court, be it a quick change of direction during a crossover, a swift pivot during a no look pass or getting the right number of steps for that perfect layup. Train your legs by doing advanced footwork exercises and work on your jumping ability using the jump guides over at vertical jumping development.

As long as you follow these five basic basketball tips, you’ll quickly see improvements to your game. Remember that becoming a better player isn’t a race, it’s a marathon. Work your way up from the basics and build a solid foundation that can be built upon.

Finally, just remember to have fun! Bettering yourself as a basketball player is important, but playing basketball shouldn’t feel like a job, but a source of great joy.

Good Luck!

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