Johnny Manziel domestic violence report has been released

Johnny Manziel domestic violence report has been released


Johnny Manziel domestic violence report has been released



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Johnny Manziel appears to be on the verge of being signed by a CFL team, after the Hamilton Tiger-Cats made a trade with the Montreal Alouettes on Thursday to gain some cap room.

The Tiger-Cats have the rights to Manziel, and it’s been rumored that he would eventually end up signing with them for quite some time.

Now, it looks like that will end up happening, so maybe that’s why Manziel’s domestic violence case file leaked out.

The Dallas Police Department released the report stemming from the 2013 domestic violence incident involving then-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

In it, Crowley claims Manziel threw her down on a bed, and on the ground, but then eventually agreed to drive her. The two got in the car, and that’s when the report states the following happened (via TMZ Sports).

“Once inside the car, Manziel allegedly struck her in the face with an open hand — rupturing her left eardrum.

‘She felt like she was going to die or get beaten really bad,’ the police report states.

It continued:

“Eventually, Crowley got back to her apartment with Manziel. She tried to FaceTime her parents but Manziel got mad, grabbed her phone and smashed it on the ground,” TMZ Sports noted. “Crowley says she grabbed a knife out of fear for her safety — and that’s when Manziel ran out of the apartment. She then ran to a neighbor’s house and screamed, ‘Johnny Manziel just beat the s*** out of me.’”

Those details are scary, and it sure looks like Manziel got off easy. He was initially charged with misdemeanor assault, but later agreed to a plea deal, in which the charges were dropped after he completed an anger management program.

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