Interesting Tips to Choose the Best E Cig

Interesting Tips to Choose the Best E Cig


Interesting Tips to Choose the Best E Cig


If you have decided to switch to electronic cigarettes from smoking tobacco cigarettes, then you will need to carry out some research to figure out how to select the best e cigs for you. Below are a few tricks when it comes to choosing the best e-cig.

Know the brand

If you are new to electronic cigarettes, then you may think that e-cig companies develop as well as manufacture their very own products. In reality, this is not the case. No doubt there may be companies present that are pursuing their research along with development.

Nevertheless, many of the smaller companies are simply purchasing products from similar Chinese manufacturers and then placing their very own brand name on this.

There are many startup companies present trying to ascend in the new market of e-cigarettes. Not all of these will be able to survive. Therefore you need to carry out your research and get information concerning the brand which you wish to try out.

Do not opt for the cheap ones

It may be a better idea to not opt for the cheap electronic cigarettes. There are high-quality brands present that are rather costly, but if you are trying out vapor cigarettes for the first time, you should not only consider the price.

If you buy a high-quality kit, this may save you time later on. If you want to try out a brand, simply you can buy a disposable e-cig of theirs. Nevertheless, you need to remember that many actual starter kits are better in comparison to their disposable counterpart. You will have to remember this.

What type do you want?

You can find different kinds of e-cigs. For instance, you can get big ones, small ones, those that appear like cigarettes other that do not. You need to consider if you want a kit which uses pre-filled cartomizers. You can also get the kind of cartomizers where ejuice will have to be brought, and you will have to fill these by yourself.

E-juice is flavored nicotine solution. You may want to consider starting off with the kit which has pre-filled disposable cartomizers then, later on, get the kit which needs refilling with e-liquid.

Different size batteries are also present. You can get manual, automatic, along with variable voltage batteries.


You can narrow down by choosing those qualities in any electronic cigarette which are important to you. For instance is the life of the e-cig the most important factor for you, etc.

What flavors do you want?

You should consider whether you prefer the flavors of a certain company. The common flavors that most companies have include menthol, tobacco, chocolate, etc. Have you tried them? Remember that not all the same flavors taste the same with all brands.

If you opt for a pre-filled e-cig, then the flavor is something that is important as you will be stuck with those flavors which the company provides.  Therefore consider the different flavors carefully when selecting the best e-cig for you.


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