Top 5 Xbox games in 2018

Top 5 Xbox games in 2018


Top 5 Xbox games in 2018


For most players Xbox is in their high five gaming platforms, and why not with their top-notch gaming services and a vast collection to choose from? All you need to enjoy this fun community is to have an account which is automatically created and called Gamertag, and if you are not happy with your tag, you can entirely change and create a new ID from Joining the Xbox community gives you access to a ton of games and its top five games of 2018 which everyone can assets are among the best of their kind.

  1. Assassins Creed

You might associate this game from your childhood memories and it is safe to say that assassin creed had gone over many changes over the years. That does not mean it’s popularity has decreased in the slightest. It has its problems, but in overall visuals, storyline and action of the game this is a full package which could be enjoyed by everyone above the age of 10.  Not to mention the game is evolving with every new addition it is outing.

  1. Battlefield 1

This multiplayer game gives you full battle-royal experience with solid graphics mixed with solid gameplay. EA DICE has really outdone themselves with their work on this masterpiece. Players get to enjoy a well-crafted, fictional world with an even well thought out strategy to race to the top of scoreboard.

  1. Resident Evil 7

Most of us are well acquainted with resident evil, be it through movies, media or games. It’s a fantastic fantasy tale which keeps you on your toes through the series and in a similar fashion Resident Evil 7 does not disappoint. Taking things back to its roots, this is a perfect horror masterpiece and well placed on this list.

  1. Monster Hunter World

The monster hunter games are rarely pleasant and enjoyable for the mainstream players but this game is not your average monster hunter game. Although Capcom has its fair share of problems taking its monster hunter series mainstream, no one can deny the awesomeness of this game. The solid gameplay of the series combined with the graphics and other effects had made it a home in the list of many Xbox game collections and reach the list on no 2.

  1. Overwatch

You knew this was number one. With itsrobust visual design to its gameplay, everything is perfect for a solo or even team play. The addictiveness of the game is undeniable as even top celebs are talking about this game. This game is a must play for every gamer and is in every top Xbox list and if you do not have it yet its highly suggested you try it out.

Xbox is an excellent gaming platform, and it’s highly recommended to visit to get a perfect understanding of the platform. A cool gamer name is the start of your legend in this world of gaming. Have you added these five games to your collection yet? Adding these to your collection will never your regret in life.                         

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