Oilers Updates

Oilers Updates


Oilers Updates


Warming Up the Ice

Oilers fans will be happy to know that the club has some big plans for this coming season. You can bet that they have not been resting on their laurels. In fact, they are making some big changes and dialing in and tightening up their roster and game so that they can make a strong showing this year.

The Oilers have officially hit the ice, practicing hard to ensure that they are ready to take on their biggest rivals and carve up the ice like the experts they are. Lots of excitement is building around the club as they prepare, and as rumors speculate as to who their front line is going to feature.


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Some Bad News


While the Oilers have no lack of enthusiasm, the club has been plagued recently with lots of issues, including injuries and transfers, prompting some to feel like the club is falling apart. Even worse is that a lot of the Oilers prospective drafts are being eliminated one by one from the CHL playoffs. As of April only two of their picks remain in the playoffs.

Though the Oiler prospects have been falling short, many fans still have high hopes for the club, and they certainly aren’t the kind of team that is going to lay down and quit. So they will relace their skates and get back up on the ice with the knowledge that no matter how many times you fall down, you can always get back up and make a goal.


Strong Steps Forward


The Oilers are making some strong strides in building a good team once again. In fact they have been doing quite well with three new assistants. Because of all the trouble the club has been having as of late, they made some big and unapologetic changes to their coaching staff. Ian Herbers is one name of many to go up on the chopping block, as they did not renew his contract. Jim Johnson was also let go, with Jay Woodcroft following swiftly behind them.

These abrupt changes may have startled some fans, but others are cheering, considering the poor performances the Oilers have been putting on as of late. Even skeptical fans were excited when they heard the names of the new coaches coming on, Glen Gulutzan, Trent Yawney, and Manny Viveiros. This big spring cleaning has Oiler fan’s passions reignited, and hopes higher than ever for a strong season to put this franchise back where it belongs, on top.

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