How do Tipsters make Money?

How do Tipsters make Money?


How do Tipsters make Money?


Everyone loves to win money, be it a lottery or by earning it through hard work. Another popular trend in the last few years is by betting on winning teams. Be it football or any other renowned sport, and people bet who will win that match. But guessing the right time to odd and the team that will win is a tricky business which not everyone is capable of. You might be able to guess right once or twice, but you’ll lose twice as much if you’re on your own. That’s why there are professionals in the game which make money by telling you which team to bet on. Let’s have a look how a Tipster like WhaleBets makes money.


The first thing a tipster does is research. The research is not a flimsy snatch and copy type. It’s a whole process of gathering and sorting information about every factor which can affect the outcome. They analyse the perfect condition, all the related elements, and even the background to come to the ideal solution of the result. If we talk about a match, they take in account the past clashes, the present condition, win/lose streak and the day conditions, etc. to conclude the winning team. These assumptions give them the highest chances of predicting the right winning team.


As they gain more and more fame, the tipsters begin with charging money for every tip which is reasonable knowing their expertise. They can do it by upfront payment or asking for a share in the winning bet depending upon the style. The more fame and reputation a tipster has, the more they can charge for their tips. This is not all, and they can provide specialised services for extra charge too. As the follower’s increase, the tipster gains more in-tips and charge more for the services. The more precise the information, the more the money will be demanded.


The money they earn is based purely on their status which is a mixture of their winning and predicting right streak combined along with the profit and yield they have made to date. Some of the best online tipsters such as WhaleBets, asen-Iv, NickBet, and oliverstojak have very high followers and an even impressive profit profile. This is an excellent way to attract more people which will demand their service at a hefty price. They also can auction their information after they gain certain fame and reputation to earn even more profit.

The money people invest in betting is increasing day by day, and as more and more people are joining the online community, the betting pool is rising. People are willing to pay thousands if it means winning a bet and tipsters have gained popularity in the recent years for the same reason. If you want to earn big getting a tipster on your side might be a good idea but beware of tipsters for they linger everywhere in the community, just waiting for you to make a foolish move like offering you fixed sporting events or whatsoever. Be sure about the pedigree and the background of a tipster, and always rely on proven ones like WhaleBets. Bet more, win more and trust the right people who will lead you to the victory.

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