2018 World Cup Coverage on UltimateNYG

2018 World Cup Coverage on UltimateNYG

Ultimate NYG

2018 World Cup Coverage on UltimateNYG


American football meets the real football for a month of World Cup coverage here on UltimateNYG.

We are privileged to have the guest soccer commentary of Dan Lilie, author of Soccer In the Weeds: Bad Hair, Jews and Chasing the Beautiful Game. Dan knows soccer enough to make me a profitable bettor in past cups (but we all know past performance is no guarantee of future results!). Seriously, this is a wonderful opportunity to get just enough knowledge about what is going on so that (a) we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of the water cooler (b) the World Cup becomes a fun event for non-soccer people like us and (c) we pass an otherwise dreadful summer month with a sports distraction that will get us that much closer to NY Giants Training Camp when it is all over.

Dan will be covering the tournament with the same objectivity you get from this site on its core coverage. I will be sprinkling in some Giants pieces in the next month too… but there is only so much you can write about when the team is on its 6 week break. Dan- who do we root for?!! Give us clarity. Give us a team!

About Dan Lilie
Daniel Lilie is a freelance author and occasional radio personality who has an abiding interest in the intersection between amateur sport and urban culture. He has been a regular columnist for Time Out New York and Inline Hockey News, and has contributed feature pieces to Inline Magazine. Dan has also appeared as a guest on World Football Daily, the largest subscription-based podcast of its kind.

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