Jorge Polanco is back

Jorge Polanco is back


Jorge Polanco is back


The Twins have been without their break out short stop from 2017 through the first half of the season after he failed a drug test over the offseason. Now, however, 80 games in to the season, Jorge Polanco is back with the Twins. At the beginning of the season, it would have been difficult to imagine Polanco’s return being this underwhelming.

Part of the problem of course lies in the lack of success the team has had in general. It’s hard to get excited about an added weapon when the talk has been about what players are going to be traded off for parts in the next month. When you are concerned with the future as much as the Twins fan base is now, it’s hard to feel a rush when getting a boost in the present.

More to the point, it’s Eduardo Escobar that is most likely to be traded, as he is likely the most valuable tradeable asset that the Twins have. He was also the player that bore the load left by Polanco’s absence, and he broke out with what might end up being an All Star Season. The Twins, if they switch to all Polanco all the time, might end up worse than before he was gone.

This week, we should have been lamenting the fact that Polanco’s return would lead to speculation about how he could be replaced when the Twins reached the post season. Now it seems like a joke when we are reminded that Polanco’s suspension includes the post season. The Twins aren’t a playoff team, and even if they were, Polanco is outlcassed by the player that would be his replacement anyway.

Jorge Polanco is back, and as one of the young stars who was supposed to be around to help the turn back to contention that should matter. But it doesn’t.

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