A Closer Look at Sports Betting

A Closer Look at Sports Betting


A Closer Look at Sports Betting


In the Beginning

Ever since the first sports were played, you can bet that there were individuals making wagers on the outcome of those sports. It is this human compulsion that game rise to sports betting. While the popularity of wagering on sports varies from country to country and culture to culture, surprisingly, almost every country has prohibitions and regulations on sports betting, which does not always affect how often the activity is engaged in.

There are plenty of legal ways to place sports bets through bookmakers and sportsbooks, but there are many under the table and illegal ways to do it as well. Since the development of the internet, it has become very popular and easy to skirt country’s gambling laws by playing through servers that are in “safe zone” countries. However, thanks to some policy changes, that may no longer be necessary.

Around the World

Gambling legality is complicated even when you are talking about local, state, and federal government. It gets even more complex when you start talking about sports betting all across the world. Add in the internet, a place where you can get instant access to any site from anywhere, and suddenly you have a lot of confusing regulations and litigation.

There is a lot to consider when you talk about gambling across country lines. For instance, how do gambling commissions regulate an event like the World Cup, where everyone betting on the games has to be doing it across country lines. The fact is that this is a question that still does not have a good answer. Governments and regulatory bodies are still trying to untangle all of the red tape, in the meantime, sports betting is flourishing. Regulations have been so difficult to enforce that many countries are updating their laws and lifting the bans.

The Online Arena

One of the influencers that may have swayed governments to start lifting regulations on sports betting laws is because the internet has made regulation nearly impossible. So instead of fighting a losing battle against great online gambling sites like www.onlinecasinoinfo.com, they are embracing the change so that they can cash in on this booming industry via tax revenue.

The internet has shaken up a lot of industries and made governing bodies have to review many laws. When we are talking about instant international exchange, it is no wonder that new regulations have to be built or old ones have to be reworked.

A Big Shift

According to Sports Illustrated, one of the most influential legislative shifts that has recently occured was the Supreme Court 7 to 2 ruling to remove the federal ban on sports betting. What this means is that what once was considered to be a blanket ban on all sports betting has been lifted, so now it is up to each individual state in America to decide what stance they will take on sports betting.

A 1992 law put a federal ban on sports betting, and over 25 years later it was finally overturned. This is huge for sports betting, as it brings it into the light and makes it safer and more accessible for everyone.

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