Rajon Rondo believes Lakers will crack code for beating Warriors

Rajon Rondo believes Lakers will crack code for beating Warriors


Rajon Rondo believes Lakers will crack code for beating Warriors


The 2018 NBA offseason will one day be known as the offseason every team gunned for the Warriors. Ironically enough, the Warriors got even stronger in the process and shocked the NBA world. Although, that does not seem to phase new Lakers guard Rajon Rondo. According to what Rondo told Bill Oram of The Athletic, he believes the Lakers will be the team to oust Golden State.

“We might have a roster where there’s five ball handlers on the court at one time,” Rondo said. “Five guys that can … playmake and create offense for each other versus just one dominant ball handler. It will be very versatile and I don’t think you’ll be able to scout and stick to one gameplan as far as being able to stop a certain player.”

“I think it is kind of crazy if you think you are going to outshoot Golden State at this point,” Rondo said. “Obviously, they have proved it … that no team can really shoot with them, so I think of other ways that you have to try to beat those guys. I think we are going to try to crack that code.”

“You put any team, any group of players around LeBron James, as he has done [eight] straight times, he went to the Finals,” Rondo said. “So my expectations are the exact same thing.”

Rondo certainly has reason to be excited teaming up with the best player in the league in LeBron James. Not to mention the last team to beat the Warriors was LeBron James and company. But, this was a Warriors team without Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins on the roster. This incoming Warrior roster is a completely different beast who has yet to crack.

But, elite teams like the Lakers and Rockets are no longer just setting their teams up to win games. These teams are now assembled solely to beat the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers are now in their second offseason under new management and have secured LeBron James for four seasons. From here, Los Angeles will only become more attractive for free agents in the coming years. The Lakers also have a lot of cap space left for this season and the next — while the Warriors will not be able to bring on anymore big names.

While the idea of the Lakers beating the Warriors this season might seem insane. What Rondo is saying is not far off, the reckoning just might not come this season.

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