What are some different hidden camera designs for my home?  

What are some different hidden camera designs for my home?  


What are some different hidden camera designs for my home?  


Most hidden camera systems are makeshift – that is, a small camera is bought and placed in an area that is difficult to locate, allowing the user to hide their camera in order to get the best images. For those setting up a hidden camera or nanny cam, these homemade hidden cameras are more than enough. Still, many manufacturers like to create their own premade security cameras (sometimes marketed as “spy devices”) that are designed to secretly record those in your home or office in order to catch them performing illegal or unwanted behaviors. According to Secretstorages.com, some of the most interesting types of hidden cameras include:

        Alarm Clock

One of the most common pre-made home security cameras can be found in alarm clocks. These working alarm clocks have small, pinhole sized cameras that can easily capture images like a regular security camera. Some of the more advanced alarm clock varieties can even play radio, ensuring that they are able to act exactly like an alarm clock/radio would act.

        Smoke Alarms

Easily forgettable, smoke alarms are located on ceilings to help you easily survey the landscape, just as a normal camera would. But because they are hidden beneath smoke alarms, few people think to look there for a secret camera device.


There are hidden security cameras that can be found inside the hardcover of a relatively unnoticeable book, such as a dictionary, an old hardcover book with a unexciting title, or a thesaurus. These can easily hook up to your computer and are inconspicuous amongst other books in your bookshelf.

        Exit Signs

Great for watching over the office, exit signs are commonly found in any large company and common enough to be noticed and ignored by even the most skilled criminal.

        Air Purifiers/Conditioners

Another interesting hidden camera device that has a practical use as well, you can find an air purifying device that is completely functional while still equipped with its own security camera.

        Boom Box

Finally, it is possible to find a working Boom Box that can play CDs, Cassettes and radio with a video recording device hidden deep inside. Because you can find stereos anywhere in a home, you are able to place the device wherever is best for you without drawing too much attention to it.

        Teddy Bears

One of the most popular devices for nanny cams, teddy bears are simple and harmless, and can be placed in a child’s room or living room without anyone giving the item a second thought. Over the years, teddy bear cameras have received more notoriety by being featured on a variety of fictional television shows. Despite that, few people notice the harmless stuffed animals, so it continues to work as an effective hidden camera.

The only limit to the types of hidden security camera devices is the imagination. Since many of these hidden cameras have been placed into fully functional household devices that most people already own, they easily blend into the surroundings.


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