Tommy's Holiday Camp

Tommy's Holiday Camp


Tommy's Holiday Camp


Some may say Wednesday was worse than Tuesday.

Well, one would say it. That one would be the guy who was at Citi Field on a warm Sunday in 2017 where Tommy Milone went one and a third in giving up eight runs in a start for the Mets against the Angels. And now he has to see that same Tommy Milone (whose nickname on his little league jersey was “Milone”, which is annoying) give up three hits and one runin seven innings while striking out nine Mets in a 5-3 victory for Washington.

Aug 27, 2017; Washington, DC, USA; New York Mets starting pitcher Tommy Milone (29) throws against the Washington Nationals in the first inning at Nationals Park. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when Tommy Milone was the symbol of a lack of depth for an injury ravaged Mets team in 2017? Well that symbol outdueled Noah Syndergaard on Wednesday. Is it worse than losing by 21 runs? Well, a 5-3 loss isn’t going to get the Mets on Deadspin, But those who follow this team for years and years and years know that when you hit rock bottom, Tommy Milone will be there to scratch a little more iron and nickel and get you a little closer to the core. It’s like acknowledging the appeal of Piano Man while giving equal footing the the subtleties of No Man’s Land.

I remember reacting to games like this by saying “I hope the Wilpons saw this and were thoroughly embarrassed. I don’t even hope for that anymore. Maybe the Nationals are too far in the other extreme, DFA’ing Shawn Kelley after a tantrum in a 25-1 game. But hell, they care. Too much? Maybe. Our people? “Look, just don’t sneak weed into the stadium through a peanut butter jar and we’re good.” They have no shame. Same owners who, after the Mets were eliminated in 2008 were spotted by a camera crew drinking champagne. They were asked by the reporter “what do you have to celebrate?” Fred’s response: “We’re getting a new ballpark.” If they’re drinking champagne after two straight blown division titles, I’m sure they’re ordering hookers and blow after 25-4 and a loss to Tommy Milone.

Oh I’m sorry … virtual hookers and blow. They do own an eSports team.

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  2. Chase Utley
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