Ranking Dallas Cowboys' competition in NFC East

Ranking Dallas Cowboys' competition in NFC East


Ranking Dallas Cowboys' competition in NFC East


When you have the reigning champion in the division, it is quite easy to establish them as the favorite. That being said, the NFC East has a tendency to be wild, and the Dallas Cowboys have a lot more to worry about than just the one team

Despite how disastrous last season was, the Cowboys know that they would have been right there fighting for the playoffs had everyone been on the field all season, meaning they have the talent to compete properly this season.

The Cowboys understand they are capable of winning this division, but that will not come without drastic improvement from last season. In the end, it almost always comes down to those division games, and in division games always have an edge that you otherwise will not get.

There is a lot of dynamic competition the Cowboys have to be concerned about in the NFC East, but they know beating them all will be about controlling that line of scrimmage, and making sure Ezekiel Elliot and the offensive line are controlling the pace of the game on the ground.

All three other teams in the NFC East will have different ways of battling that approach by the Cowboys, and all of them will have challenges this team may not be able to overcome. Here is a ranking of the competition in the NFC East for the Cowboys.

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