Jacob deGrom's Catch 22

Jacob deGrom's Catch 22


Jacob deGrom's Catch 22


Two things are increasingly clear:

  • Jacob deGrom has to pitch a no-hitter to win a game.
  • If Jacob deGrom ever did pitch a no-hitter for the Mets, his teammates would pour some sort of cold liquid on him in celebration, giving him pneumonia and killing him. So in reality, Jacob deGrom can’t win. Ever.

The Mets lost 2-1 on Friday. Mets not named deGrom got one hit and no runs batted in. You would think things would have to change for next season. But …

This team isn’t going to win 70 games this season. But most of these players are going to come back because they either have more years on their contract, or they will be accepted as decent as this front office consistently searches for one silver lining for everybody and look for excuses to bring them back. Jose Bautista walks a lot. He’s also probably great in the clubhouse. Smile, and you have a job for life.

Did you see Jose Reyes’ stellar defense at second base tonight? Multi-year contract coming soon.

How about the guy who can actually play defense?

Guillorme is a great defender? Let’s turn him into a pinch hitter. Wilmer Flores is slow? Let’s send him home from third. Same old song, same old song.

I’m sorry. I’m ready for new ideas. Drastic ideas. I’m ready for change for the sake of change at this point. If that means getting rid of popular players not named deGrom or Syndergaard, so be it. If that means eating payroll, part of that money is mine so I hereby give my approval. If it means getting rid of half of the general managers on the payroll, fine. If it means exiling the owners to the British Virgin Islands, all the better. This can’t continue. It probably will continue. And that’s a shame.

I want better. You should too.

Today’s Hate List

  1. The Braves
  2. The Phillies
  3. The Marlins
  4. The Nationals
  5. The 2008 Phillies

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