Did someone lie about the Draymond Green x Tristan Thompson altercation? Who punched whom? New video and evidence surface

Did someone lie about the Draymond Green x Tristan Thompson altercation? Who punched whom? New video and evidence surface


Did someone lie about the Draymond Green x Tristan Thompson altercation? Who punched whom? New video and evidence surface


Newly discovered video footage obtained by @LetsGoWarriors, a season-credentialed media member of the Golden State Warriors since 2014, of Tristan Thompson leaving Drake’s party at Delilah Restaurant after the ESPY Awards, seems to corroborate new information pertaining to Draymond Green’s altercation with Thompson on that same night, also obtained by @LetsGoWarriors.

Two sources close to Green, who wished to remain anonymous, texted @LetsGoWarriors an Instagram post from a gossip account named “@ncaseyoudidntknow”, that detailed a conversation in an elevator among Nick Young (aka “Swaggy P”) and a group of his friends. The post contains a screenshot of a direct message to @ncaseyoudidntknow, which recounts the Green’s altercation with Thompson, but in a complete 180-degree version than what’s recently been spread in the media: It was actually Green who connected with a “slap” (not a punch per se) on Thompson.

“I was at dinner last night,” read the message to @ncaseyoudidntknow, “And as I was leaving, I overheard Swaggy P and his partnas (sic) talking while we as on the elevator that ya mans Tristen (sic) and Draymond met up and some mutual friend told Draymond to squash the beef.

“So he walked up on TT (Tristan Thompson) trying to give him a play and TT tried to square up, so Draymond slapped the (expletive) out of (him). TT was ten deep (there were approximately ten people in his entourage) and (Thompson) ain’t do (anything).”

The post is dated July 23, 2018, approximately three days after the altercation at the party.

More than a week later, a celebrity gossip site called Bossip broke the story of Green getting punched by Thompson at the party at Delilah. Jason McIntyre, reporter for The Big Lead, followed that up with a series of tweets shortly thereafter that confirmed the report, that Thompson had hit Green. He later went on television and claimed that Draymond looked worse in the public eye, based on the information he and Bossip reported.

“Draymond went up to apologize to Tristan for what happened after G4 (Game 4) of the (NBA) Finals,” wrote McIntyre, in reference to Green not shaking Thompson’s hand after the Warriors had secured the championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers on the homecourt of the Cavaliers. “TT said, ‘Nah, man,’ and Draymond tried again (saying), ‘Come on, I didn’t mean it,’ then WHAP, Tristan leveled him with a punch. Draymond didn’t go down.”

@ncaseyoudidntknow posted again the day after that, questioning Bossip and McIntyre’s claims.

Detractors who know Green on a more personal level than the average NBA fan shared their doubts publicly. One person on Twitter questioned why McIntyre did not report the news when it happened. McIntyre responded, “(I’ve) been in LA for only 2 years, met a lot of people, got some new sources to protect. Gotta develop trust, earn their respect.”

Others who follow Green more closely, whether as a die-hard fan or as a member of his extended community with the Warriors, expressed their doubts. Firstly, the original report from Bossip stated that Thompson “socked Green with a two-piece”, a slang term for quickly swinging and connecting with both arms and fists, as Chris Childs infamously did once to Kobe Bryant in the middle of game play. However, Childs was a point guard standing 6’3”. Childs got off two quick punches, undersized against the 6’6” shooting guard Bryant, although neither drew blood and seemed like minor scratches, if any.

Thompson is listed at 6’9” but has a wingspan of 7’1”. Green is listed at a generous 6’7”. At that size, it would require some professional boxing skills on the part of Thompson to be able to connect twice in a tight space against a smaller opponent in Green.

Furthermore, Green is from Saginaw, Michigan, where pickup basketball games at Civitan Recreation Center have a reputation for getting heated. It is very likely that Draymond has had plenty of experience there dealing with physical confrontations, making it very unlikely that someone Thompson’s size could get away with not one, but two punches in quick succession.

In fact, two nationally known reporters in Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic and Pablo Torre of ESPN expressed even more serious doubts that Green was seeking to “apologize” to Thompson, thus putting into question the original intent of the confrontation.

Thompson wrote an article stating that multiple sources had told him Tristan “shoved” or “face mushed” Draymond, while Torre’s sources revealed that Green had no intention of apologizing and was actually mocking Thompson, citing jokes involving Khloe Kardashian, Tristan’s girlfriend and mother of True Thompson, their daughter who was born in April.

Green finally responded on Instagram with a series of story posts (which get automatically deleted within 24 hours) that read, “I’ve enjoyed y’all stories and talk shows over the last couple days!!! Them joins inaccurate doe G!!! Aight, carry on my good people.” Some Cleveland Cavaliers fans even announced they would hold a parade to honor their belief that Thompson finally got the better of Green, to which Draymond replied in the same post, “They may want to cancel that parade too lol,” but in a subsequent post stated, “Nah keep the parade that city won’t have any for a while…I forgot Bron (LeBron James) left.”

So at this point, with this new information from @ncaseyoudidntknow and various holes in both Bossip and McIntyre’s reports, the situation would otherwise be at a stalemate, a “he-said-she-said” with each side saying they connected and not the other.

The smoking gun that puts Thompson’s version into question has been obtained by @LetsGoWarriors. The footage consists of b-roll clips of celebrities exiting the party, filmed by a cameraman hired by Getty Images. Generally speaking, these videos involve some hired paparazzi throwing questions at famous party guests as they leave, hoping to capture a response that might go viral.

In the footage of Thompson walking into his sedan, the cameraman can be heard taunting Tristan, hoping to incite a response, but also as if there cameraman witnessed the altercation that occurred in the party between Draymond and Tristan.

“Did you get a punch off, Tristan?” says the camera man.

Thompson doesn’t say anything, so the camera man continues to goad him: “Yo Tristan, is it true you got into a fight inside there?”

The cameraman presses on as Thompson nears his SUV. “There’s a video going around. It’s already being sold.”

Then, as if to confirm the @ncaseyoudidntknow it report that Thompson did not throw a punch, the cameraman says, “Tristan, you gotta start fighting, man. You’re a daddy now, bro,” suggesting that because Thompson has a baby daughter, he needs to reinforce his manhood by throwing a punch when involved in a fight.

A big question remains, which was one of the Green’s camp’s main sticking points: Where is the video of the altercation? Why did news of this altercation hit the mainstream nearly two weeks after the incident occurred?

The cameraman seems to address that as well, ending his taunts of Thompson by saying, “There’s a video down there, bro.”

The suggestion from the cameraman that the video has already been sold brings Thompson’s side of the story as told by Bossip and McIntyre into question. All of a sudden, more evidence seems to suggest that Draymond indeed punched Tristan than the other way around.

Furthermore, the cameraman seems to suggest that (a) there is video of the altercation and (b) said video has been confiscated by a highly interested party.

Who would purchase this video?

Who would then spread lies about Green having been punched?

It was reported recently that the image-conscious Khloe Kardashian made amends with Thompson after a brief break-up. Could there possibly be a connection between Kardashian and Bossip?

As it turns out, Khloe’s sister Kim Kardashian has a history with Bossip. Reporter Melissa Pandika wrote in an article published on April 28, 2014 by Ozy.com on Moguldom Media Group CEO Jamarlin Martin: “Bossip was the first media site to cover Kim Kardashian, publishing an exclusive interview a few months after her sex tape leaked, Martin says.”

So, Bossip has had a business transaction with Kim Kardashian, Khloe’s sister, four years ago. Could they be in business again?

Is there any connection between McIntyre and/or Kardashian and/or Bossip? And why did he need to “protect” his source by not revealing what he announced almost two weeks after the fact?

A comprehensive video report containing the camera man’s video and @ncaseyoudidntknow’s Instagram post, as well as some background information and other clips from outside the party at Delilah, is available on @LetsGoWarriors’ YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/ifykSStATVg. A link to the Getty Images’ cameraman’s b-roll video can also be provided upon request. Please email rich@letsgowarriors.com.

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