Kurt Angle Preparing For Another WWE Championship Run?

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Kurt Angle Preparing For Another WWE Championship Run?

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Kurt Angle Preparing For Another WWE Championship Run?


Kurt Angle is considered by many WWE fans to be the most athletically gifted pro wrestler that the industry has ever known. Angle debuted with Vince McMahon’s company in 1998 and the former Olympic Gold Medalist was a natural from the beginning.

But is there a possibility that Kurt Angle could actually be given another shot at a championship in WWE? Kurt is currently the Raw General Manager but PW Insider is reporting that if called upon, Angle would be up for a new title run.

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Angle recently did a Q&A session on his Facebook page, where he responded to the question of whether or not there was another title run in his future.

“I hope so. That’s up to the powers that be. I’m healthy right now. Ready to go if I get called on.”

This may come as a surprise to many WWE fans, mostly because Angle has not been used in a physical capacity on a full-time basis since his April 2017 return. He has been working in the GM role, where he’s playing the part of the berated authority figure.

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon has done everything in her power to stifle Angle on the red brand. She even brought Baron Corbin in as her Constable to keep Angle in line. Every time something goes wrong or the show gets out of control, Kurt is put in the spotlight. It’s become obvious that his character is stressed beyond belief and could snap at any moment.

Photo: WWE

Kurt did return to the ring for WWE TLC in October of 2017 when he teamed with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins in the main event match. Kurt looked good in the ring but many fans noted that he was a bit rusty during the bout. Angle of course also competed with Ronda Rousey against Stephanie and Triple H at WrestleMania 34.

WWE has made no apparent moves to position Angle as an active Superstar once again. Brock Lesnar is the current Universal champion and many would love to see the two revisit their old rivalry. But it’s unknown whether or not that scenario has been discussed behind the scenes in WWE.

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