Stephen Curry excited to play LeBron James-led Lakers

Steph Curry, LeBron James

Stephen Curry excited to play LeBron James-led Lakers


Stephen Curry excited to play LeBron James-led Lakers


The Los Angeles Lakers have taken a major shift forward with the addition of four-time league MVP LeBron James in free agency this offseason that has brought an entirely new buzz to the franchise.

It has also brought more excitement from Golden State Warriors All-Star point guard Stephen Curry about the opportunity to play James more in Los Angeles over the next few seasons, according to Janie McCauley of The Associated Press.

“And a whole new-look Laker team with some of the young kids. It should be fun, the Bay Area and L.A. and the whole thing,” Curry said Monday in a sit-down with The Associated Press while hosting his annual elite camp at Ultimate Fieldhouse. “When I first got into the league Oracle would be buzzing any time the Lakers came in. There probably will be a revolution of Laker fans that are going to try to creep in but I hope Bay Area and Dub Nation we keep control of that competition because we’re on top right now.”

The addition of James now makes the games between the Warriors and Lakers must-watch TV in the four regular-season contests. This has put the 33-year-old in the same division as the team that he has faced in each of the last four NBA Finals coming out on top just once over that stretch.

Many if not all of these games should be nationally televised as it features some of the biggest stars in the league on the court in the same game. It should be a major draw that could be between a pair of teams that could see each other down the line in the playoffs.

Nonetheless, the fact that Curry is excited to play the new-look Lakers could add to the level of intensity that will be displayed on the floor come next season.

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