Heaven Has Had Enough

Heaven Has Had Enough


Heaven Has Had Enough


Rain was not in the forecast for Tuesday.

But then Jason Vargas gave up another run in another first inning. After putting two more runners on base, God decided that the bar up in heaven had seen just about enough of Vargas. But instead of merely switching the channel, God also decided to spare his subjects at Citi Field the horror of watching Vargas. So not only did we get rain that wasn’t in the forecast, we got Hellscape.

And we also got “Prospects” on SNY. All of a sudden, losing Jason Vargas didn’t seem like a clear win. But hellscape passed, the Mets returned, and Vargas didn’t survive the Reds or the rain delay. Paul Sewald gave up Vargas’ two inherited runners, which is fine because he deserved them, and the Mets couldn’t lay enough wood on a pitcher who grew up a Mets fan.

Sal Romano, from Long Island, went six innings and gave up two hits, three hits, one run and struck out five. That was more than enough against the Mets for a 6-1 Reds win. God is merciful. But God also has a sense of humor, as Dilson Herrera hit a late home run for the final tally in the game. What, you didn’t expect total mercy, did you?

Just like there is a remote island for deposed dictators and Elvis, there should be an island for overpaid starting pitchers. Vargas should take Homer Bailey and Jeff Samardzija with him, team up with Wilson and bam! You have a hit movie. Or at least a podcast. They can call it “Bloop Hits”. The best part is, it would only last an hour before it gets interrupted by Steven Brault’s podcast.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Scooter Gennett
  2. Phillip Evans
  3. Pete Rose
  4. Aaron Boone
  5. Michael Tucker

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