Recent Hockey Recruits Tweet Commitments

Recent Hockey Recruits Tweet Commitments


Recent Hockey Recruits Tweet Commitments

Social media is a great way to receive updates about your favorite sports team. Recently, the University of North Dakota received commitments via Twitter from two highly sought recruits. Check out their tweets.


And Dos

There was something different about these two prized recruits tweets. The first thing that I noticed was the . That was new. That has almost never happened. They might be the first UND hockey recruits to tweet this.

For the other sports teams on the UND campus, it’s nothing new. When a recruit from another sports team tweets their (his or her) commitment to the University of North Dakota some form of Fighting Hawks is almost always in their tweet. Check out this recent tweet from Kaden Wolsky, a recruit that recently announced his commitment to the UND football team.

Finally, I am not trying to start a fight with the #fightingsiouxforever crowd, I am just making an observation. It’s a new development. UND adopted the Fighting Hawks nickname during the 2015-16 season and hockey fans have yet to embrace the much-maligned nickname and logo.

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