Unsubstantiated Rumors Call For An Unsubstantiated Opinion

Unsubstantiated Rumors Call For An Unsubstantiated Opinion


Unsubstantiated Rumors Call For An Unsubstantiated Opinion


So I wanted to write something on the rumor that the Mets are looking at Gary LaRocque to be their new general manager. He’s not a sexy name, but that doesn’t preclude him from being potentially successful. He was once a Met employee, and has been credited with drafting David Wright. But that doesn’t preclude him from potentially being unsuccessful.

Instead of focusing on the fact that the Wilpons would be taking the easy way out with this deal, that this might be a little too safe for a team that specializes in safety, I will bring this up, because it’s low hanging fruit and it might explain better why the Mets are interested in him. From his Wikipedia page (link to original article seems to be broken):

“During the Cardinals’ 2013 World Series run, they secured seventeen of 25 players on their postseasonroster who made no more than $524,000, or slightly above major league minimum.”

Aah, that’s why the Mets are interested in him. Figures.

The best part of the whole thing is the line that the Mets like LaRocque in part because Sandy Alderson pushed them too far into analytics, and they want to get away from that because analytics, while it’s best purpose is to help general managers and front offices build their team, are scary.

But seriously, if I’m John Ricco, and I’ve been around the Mets forever and done everything asked of me and still can’t be considered for a shot at the next level, I’d consider either another organization, or a new line of work. That’s not a statement about how good or bad he might be at his job, and I’m certainly not saying that he would make a good assistant general manager (because we all know who the GM really is), but if a loyal employee can’t even get any consideration for the next level if he or she wants it, then maybe it’s time to reassess for their own sake. Again, not necessarily advocating for John Ricco to be the next GM of the Mets. But I’ll always advocate for somebody to be recognized for their effort. Effort should count for at least something.

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