Red Sox bats continue to torment AL East

Red Sox bats continue to torment AL East

Red Sox

Red Sox bats continue to torment AL East


Other than one slip up against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Boston Red Sox are absolutely mauling through heir AL East opponents. With just one loss in the last three series, including two four game sweeps, the Red Sox have established a truly absurd domination of their division

After today’s win, the Red Sox have a 9.5 game lead on the Yankees, a 30.5 game lead on the Blue Jays and 49.5 lead game on the Orioles. The Red Sox are winning at a near unprecedented rate this season, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

The Red Sox have been playing well across the board during this run, but the timing with their incredible offense has been absolute torture for the AL East. They had late comeback wins against both the Yankees and the Blue Jays, taking away any chances they had no matter how close they got.

The Red Sox left the door open for them to win multiple games, but their bats showed up when it mattered most, and thoroughly shut down any opportunity they might have to win.

The Red Sox made it clear that they do not take any games off. When you are at your best, you better get ready for an absolute tirade. If you are not at your best, then they will always put up those four or five runs they need to secure the victory against a struggling team.

The Orioles did run into a masterful Chris Sale performance, but they looked helpless, and it is understandable when you think about how relentless the Red Sox offense has been this season.

In this series against the Orioles, it was a different kind of torture. The most notable game was the epic 19-12 blow out. Keep in mind, this is one of the worst teams in the league in the Orioles, and they put up 12 runs on one of the most well pitched teams in the MLB.

The game was back and forth and they got more out of their offense than anyone could have expected. And it still was not close to enough. The Red Sox still managed to top them in every conceivable way, making it utterly hopeless for them to try and win the game with their bats.

Then, when the Red Sox offense stays within reason, they cannot get anything going. Keep in mind, this is the Orioles, so no one expected them to come in running up scores. The frustration, however, is that they had their opportunity to do it, but it only happened in the one game where nothing would stop the Red Sox.

The offense continues to get exactly what it needs every time that they need it. They come in clutch and battle in any way possible. They have depth and they have balance, and you cannot expect to come into a game and overwhelm their offense in any way.

The Red Sox are dominating the AL East in a special way this season. Keep in mind the next biggest difference between a first and last team in any division is 30 games, 19.5 less than the Red Sox and Orioles. After that, the next most is just 22 games.

In fact, the success of the Yankees is actually managing to undersell the total dominace over the AL East by the Red Sox this season.

This recent stretch against the AL East has been destructive for all Red Sox foes. There is still a lot of baseball left to play, and they need to make sure they maintain this peak. If that happens, there is no doubt this offense make the Red Sox the most dangerous team in the playoffs.

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