About Left Coast Sports

About Left Coast Sports

About Left Coast Sports

Left Coast Sports is the premiere Pacific Coast sports website for The Sports Daily Network.

What is Left Coast Sports?

Left Coast Sports is the platform where professional sports begins on the West Coast. We are a community of informed West Coast sports experts, writers and fans who are immersed in the unique culture of sports on the Pacific Coast and surrounding Western regions.

We aim to become the first resource for fans seeking unique insights and opinions on their favorite West Coast NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL teams. Ride the West Coast wave with us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Your coast, your platform.

Write for Left Coast Sports

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Are you passionate about an NHL, MLB, NBA or MLB team on the West Coast? Do you want to learn what about sports writing and publishing?

Left Coast Sports is accepting writers, guests posts and contributors on a rolling basis. You will have your content featured on The Sports Daily and other sports networks.

We offer a competitive pay structure that awards those who work hard and engage audiences. We are dedicated to your success so we promise one-on-one training. If you think you have what it takes send us an email with a resume and writing samples.

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Our team is a collective of writers open to engaging fans and other media members in collaboration and discussion. We are fans and experts who acknowledge our West Coast biases, but we still try to showcase the complete and compelling story.

Please email your questions, commits, concerns and pitches to Leftcoastsports17@gmail.com. Otherwise, say hello or share us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. We appreciate your feedback and we thank you for every read.

Pete D. Camarillo is the Editor and Chief and Founder of Left Coast Sports. The West Coast sports site was created under The Sports Daily Network in June, 2017.