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AngelsWin.com Top 30 Prospects

It’s the time of year again folks!

The leaves are turning colors, the winter rains begin to fall, and top prospect lists will begin rolling out of every website.  “Arm-chair GM’s” do their best with the information provided to give you a list they feel is worth looking at.  “Experts” will do the same thing, except they’ll make you pay a monthly fee for it.  At the end of the day, the information can look downright copy and pasted.

We here at AngelsWin have our top prospect list too, but the difference is, ours is done by a hand-picked panel of members and minor league fans.  Some have scouting experience, some are well-versed in advanced metrics, some watch the games from their computers and still others are simply fans that enjoy attending games and talking with the players.  One person’s list will be all about upside, another will be chalk full of surprise players, another with prospects that are closest to the big leagues.  The end result is a mix of all of them.

Here at AngelsWin, we’ve got it all.  We see the players from every angle an outsider (and in some cases insider) could.  We don’t watch a player once and write up a scouting report and we aren’t limited by what Google can dig up.  Several of us watch the player multiple times from multiple angles.  We make individual decisions, compare them (the debates did become quite heated this year), and come up with a list that works for everyone involved.

Sure, we are bias. But we don’t think you’ll find a finer, more in-depth and accurate list anywhere else.  You could pay monthly fees and still not get this sort of analysis.  That’s simply what happens when you have a dedicated base of fans who work behind the scenes all season long to create this list, a culmination of a lot of time and effort.

Individual scouting reports will be released in reverse order (#30, 29, 28, etc..).

Without further ado, here are your 2017 Top 30 Prospects

  1. RHP/DH Shohei Ohtani – MLB (23)
  2. OF Jo Adell – Rookie Ball (18)
  3. OF Jahmai Jones – Advanced A Ball (20)
  4. OF Brandon Marsh – Rookie Ball (19)
  5. SS Kevin Maitan – Rookie Ball (17)
  6. RHP Jaime Barria – AAA (20)
  7. RHP Griffin Canning – DNP (21)
  8. 1B Matt Thaiss – AA (22)
  9. RHP Chris Rodriguez – A Ball (18)
  10. OF Michael Hermosillo – AAA (22)
  11. OF Trent Deveaux – DNP (17)
  12. C Taylor Ward – AA (23)
  13. IF Leo Rivas – A Ball (19)
  14. RHP Jesus Castillo – AA (21)
  15. IF David Fletcher – AAA (23)
  16. RHP Jake Jewell – AA (24)
  17. SS Livan Soto – Rookie Ball (17)
  18. RHP Jose Soriano – Rookie Ball (18)
  19. LHP Jose Suarez – A Ball (19)
  20. OF Brennon Lund – AA (22)
  21. RHP Eduardo Paredes – MLB (22)
  22. RHP Cole Duensing  – Rookie Ball (19)
  23. IF Nonie Williams – Rookie Ball (19)
  24. OF D’Shawn Knowles – DNP (16)
  25. OF Torii Hunter Jr. – Rookie Ball (22)
  26. OF Troy Montgomery – AA (22)
  27. RHP Luis Pena – AA (21)
  28. IF Julio Garcia – Rookie Ball (19)
  29. LHP Jerryell Rivera – Rookie Ball (18)
  30. RHP Joe Gatto – Advanced A Ball (22)

Honorable Mention: RHP Adam Hofacket, 3B Zach Houchins, RHP Osmer Morales, 3B Jose Rojas, RHP Wilkel Hernandez, RHP Nathan Bates, RHP Jose Rodriguez, LHP Jonah Wesely,


4 thoughts on “AngelsWin.com Top 30 Prospects

  1. Great group of players and i think the talent level is rising. Glad to see Hermosillo make the 40 man. It would be interesting to hear about the heated debates..lol. Gibbons defensively was your best outfielder and not on the list. Fletcher has proven to be a nice find and this should be the year for Barria.


    1. Gibbons was definitely on my radar, but just didn’t do enough at the plate once he reached AA. No doubt he’s gifted though. He’s part of a wave of players (Lund, anger and Montgomery included) that should all be very solid #4 OF types. The heated debates were over philosophical views to prospects. Which should be ranked higher and why. I think at the end of the day we came to our senses though and knew we were all on the same team here.


  2. I think Jones was a clear number one this year. Adell was the number one pick, and was impressive in rookie ball, but Jones was dominant at Hi-A, and showed the skills needed to advance to the next level.


    1. He was definitely good, but there are some small things he showed he needed to work on at Advanced A. He showed some swing and miss tendencies, wasn’t picking the ball up as well as he did before. But with more reps he’ll adjust to the higher quality pitching. We also saw a bit of raw-ness on the base paths. His jumps weren’t as big and he was gunned down stealing more frequently than you’d prefer. This is nitpicking though. He was definitely good, but also showed that his game isn’t done developing yet. Jam’s going to be a good major leaguer for a long time.


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