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A look at a snowblower

At right is a snowblower. A Honda, to be exact. Being from Minnesota, I’m quite familiar with their machinations. The spinning blades at the front help cycle snow up through the chute and out away from your driveway or walk. The blades, as I said, spin and could potentially cause injury to anything that finds it’s way up there. Fortunately, there are safety precautions. The handles are equipped with a kill switch that, when you let go, kill the engine. Really, if you want to injure yourself with a snowblower, you would have to have someone else operating it and dive in front of it. The most common way to injure yourself is to slip and maybe get nicked in the leg (or worse) if you have long legs, or, God forbid, you slip and get stuck under the machine. To injure your hands, you would have to be a special kind of stupid. Actually, if you have been able to injure your hands via snowblower, it would be more surprising if you haven’t had another boneheaded injury in your past.

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