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Look, the Flyers are getting a new jersey

Apparently, Philadelphia is going to be releasing a third jersey, the first time they have gone with such sartorial selection since 2010. Now that free agency is winding down and the draft is done, this is what qualifies as big news in the hockey world.

There is quite a bit of debate as to what type of jersey they might be seeing in Philadelphia next year. Will they opt for something all orange? A previous Winter Classic jersey? Maybe it will be a throwback? Could it be a green nod to the Eagles, or red, in ode to the 76ers and Phillies? It’s a fun thing to think about. What will your favorite players be wearing next year? Where can you go to get a replica of the jersey of your favorite player (if they look good, anyway). It’s silly, but if the uniform change is infrequent, I like the buzz it creates around a team. (Full disclosure: I hate how college football changes their uniforms every year. Heck, every week in some cases.)

Regardless of what the Flyers are going to be wearing a few days a year this season, I think you and I all know what Flyers will ultimately be wearing at one point or another:

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