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A look backstage at the All Star Game

[After lines have been announced at the All Star Game, Scott Hartnell takes a seat with his linemates for the game, the Sedins]

Hartnell: So, guys, I’m glad that we are able to get a chance to chat before the game tonight. Should be fun, right? It’s tough to form chemistry over one game, but I’m guessing you guys should be pretty familiar working together right?! haha!

/Henrik and Daniel seated side by side, seamlessley feed each other grapes with their opposite hands

Henrik: Daniel Alfredsson — the lesser Danel — promised a team full of Swedes.

Daniel: You have the hair of a Dutchman, the hygine of a Finn and the complexion of a reindeer

Hartnell: I have heard some pretty hateful stuff, so I can let that slide. I play in Philadelphia, after all. But let’s try to work on —

/Hartnell gets hit in the eye with a grape


Henrik: We need to work on chemistry, yes?

Daniel: You must anticipate the fruit coming at your face

/Daniel throws another grape

Hartnell – Gah! What the f–

/ducks. Henrik’s grape gets stuck in Hartnell’s hair.



Daniel: That will work. You have preserved the grape.

/Daniel pulls grape out of Hartnell’s hair, feeds it to Henrik

Henrik: You are now one of us. Your new name is Olaf Sedin

Hartnell: I’m not —

Daniel: Quiet, Olaf, and come with us. It is time to go yell at birds.

Hartnell: But….

Henrik: Save it for the birds, Olaf.