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A message from the Sabres to the city of Buffalo

Hello, friends. As owner of the Buffalo Sabres, I just wanted to solidify our commitment to this team and the citizens of Buffalo. With the unfortunate passing of Ralph Wilson, owner of our friends and neighbors the Buffalo Bills, there has been some question as to their permanence in this fine city. We sincerely hope that the Bills can remain in Western New York, and if we could provide even the slightest bit of aid, we will be happy to do so.

But we also recognize that in uncertain times, we cannot make assumptions as to the fiduciary decisions of others, and there is a chance that the Bills are sold and moved to Toronto, Los Angeles or some other city that can’t hold a candle to the fine town of Buffalo, New York. If such terrible circumstance should arise, I am here to say that the Sabres will still be here. We invite and value your support.

Football fans, I ensure you that we can offer much the same fan experience as you have found with your beloved Bills for all of these years. The on-field mediocrity. The almost imperceptible slide to irrelevance within your sport. Defeat by a team from Dallas on the game’s grandest stage. Just remember to say “his foot was in the crease” instead of “wide right” when lamenting the cruel hand fate has dealt the team.

Bills fans, Sabres fans, and those that cheer for both teams, I want to assure you that, regardless of what happens with the Bills,  the Sabres will remain in Buffalo, and will do our best to represent you. Professional sports will continue to be the best thing Buffalo has going for it.

Terrence M. Pegula