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About that wager


Early in the season, we had a bit of a wager here at BMR. Kevin, LD and I are all fans of teams that were not playing well, and didn’t seem like they would at any point in the year. Kevin’s Islanders and LD’s Leafs could be described as “long suffering”, while my Wild looked weak this offseason, mostly due to the departure of stars like Stephane Veilleux and nobody else I can think of right this moment. Well, the three of us decided that one of our teams would eventually emerge as the least bad, and that was cause for celebration. The worst team’s fan would have to create a video lauding the virtues of the best team, the middle team’s fan would merely write a post to that effect, and the fan of the best team would simply sit back and enjoy the forced adulation.

The season is over now. Let us review the standings. Oh! Looky here! The Wild have 84 points, the Islanders ended up with 79, and the Leafs had a paltry 74. We didn’t set any specific guidelines for the post or the video (which thankfully will star LD and not Kevin… for obvious reasons), suffice it to say that I will consider the debt paid when I am sufficiently self inflated.

This should be fun.