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According to the NHL, the Kings are DOOOOMED

Hi, welcome back to Barry Melrose Rocks. We have been watching hockey, and haven’t been able to write about hockey. The NHL HAS been writing about hockey though. The Los Angeles Kings are up 3-1 on the Phoenix Coyotes, but they lost their Sunday game, which totally derails the momentum they had built. Or something. Bring on the negativity, NHL.com!

Kings know they have to refocus

Things are not going well for the Kings so far!

The law of numbers… suggests that the Kings were due to be taken off their bulldozed path through these Stanley Cup Playoffs 

Oh noooooo. No sweep every game to to the Cup! From the 8th seed! 

the Coyotes outplayed them to extend this series, which was more lopsided than a deflated beach ball until Sunday

Vivid imagery. 

“We’ve got to find another gear,” [said Dustin Brown]

The Kings have been SO BAD these playoffs. 

Kings coach Darryl Sutter practically stays up at night worrying about a day game and how his team would react,

Because the Kings have done NOTHING to convince Sutter that they know what they are doing out there in the past several weeks. 

“I think guys were good,” Matt Greene said in a subdued locker room. “But good’s not going to get it done around this time of year and we’ve got to be better than we were tonight. They came out flying, and we weren’t matching their speed.”


“Even if we would have pulled this off, I don’t think we really deserved it,” Greene said.


Buck up, Kings, even if you are on a 2-57 on the power play stretch, you are STILL ONLY ONE WIN AWAY FROM THE STANLEY CUP FINALS. 

Ok, fine. here’s Anze Kopitar in compression shorts again.