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Adidas Remix: Hockey is All In (Video)

Recently, Adidas lauched an awesome television ad with their star studded stable of sponsored athletes that includes David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Derrick Rose and, for some reason, Katy Perry. The ad is set to Justice’s new single “Civilization” and is quite frankly freaking awesome. Go see it if you haven’t already done so. The slogan they use is “All In” which is explained thusly: “Heart over head. Inclusion over ego. United by passion, we go all in.” Essentially preaching team and giving all you’ve got on the playing field.

Now, Adidas isn’t a hockey company and they don’t make any ice hockey equipment (field hockey doesn’t count), which is weird because you would think that a company that goes so far as to make table tennis equipment would make everything. Anyway, given that they’re not into hockey there were sadly no hockey players to be seen in their kick ass ad. And, this being the internet and all, it was only going to be a matter of time until someone remixed the video to include hockey. Yesteday I decided “screw it I’m not waiting, I’ll go be that guy” and made one big hockey remix. You’re welcome, internet. Enjoy!