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And now a soliloquy from a Penguins fan

Man, Sidney Crosby, injured again. This really underscores the importance of concussion safety. I mean, Crosby is struggling to recover from one of the most brutal, cheapest shots I have ever seen in my life from Dave Steckel. Honestly, he should have been arrested for that hit, let alone a penalty. David Kreijci isn’t nearly as dirty a player because he doesn’t play for the Crapitals, but he should still have been suspended.
Anyways, I think the NHL needs to take a stand against blows to the head and learn to promote concussion safety. Too many members of hockey’s elite are sitting out because of these dangerous blows to head. I think the care teams are giving to the players is exemplary, but the league needs to come down harder on the assailants.
Wait, sorry, I got off track. How did we start talking about concussions again? Oh right! What I was saying  is, I can’t believe that that pussy Roger Goodell is suspending James Harrison again. Ruining the game.