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Daly, Steve Fehr, Allegedly meet again

Sources who might be close to NHL Deputy Comissioner Bill Daly have insisted that Daly is out of his office for the time being and may or may not be in a meeting somewhere with someone. He may have left in his car, or perhaps grabbed a ride in a taxi, with neither option precluding a chance that he may have gone to the airport. Sources also confirm that Daly has a passport, though it is not entirely certain that he has it with him. If he does have it with him, there is a chance that Daly has left the country. This seems unlikely, but we are waiting for confirmation that Daly is still in the United States. He might be in Canada. There is a chance he has gone to Russia. 
Additional, sources close to the NHL Players Association have inferred that Steve Fehr hasn’t been seen in a while, and the last time anyone noticed him, he was furiously organizing some paperwork. Though there has been no confirmation  as to what was included within the paperwork, assumptions are that the files included details pertaining to the current Labor Negotiations, because tax season is so far away, and it’s all he seems to be talking about lately. 
With these two pieces of evidence, it is plausible that both Bill Daly and Steve Fehr are meeting somewhere together, and though we don’t know where, the conversation, hypothetically, may be about the CBA. Although, to be fair, if Steve Fehr an Bill Daly were, in fact, getting together, they could just be gossiping about Gary Bettman or Steve’s brother Donald, whom they both know.
More information as details warrant.

In other news, the NHL is still locked out.