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Daniel Sedin emotes

[The Sedins sit in the Canucks locker room. Henrik watches and Daniel gets his things together to prepare to go to Sochi]

Henrik: I know that this going to be weird, being apart like this. 

Daniel: It will make me terribly sad. You know how I am when I am sad 

Henrik: Yes, Daniel, we are still trying to get the sofa back from the fire department from the last time you realized you were out of Spaghetti-o's

Daniel: I just love throwing canned goods at squirrels.

Henrik: But it won't be too bad, Daniel. You get to play hockey still, and Russia sounds like the most perfect place on the planet. 

Daniel: Henrik, as much as I love pooping next to strangers, why would I want access to joint toilet stalls if you aren't there? 

Henrik: Just stare at the person next to you and try to forget that I am not there, Daniel.

Daniel: There are stray dogs everywhere, Henrik!

Henrik: I know how much we love a good game of dog toss, but maybe you will find another person who loves it as much as we do! This is a chance to meet new friends!

[Alexander Edler enters the room]

Edler: Hey guys. Are you still feeling down about being apart for a few weeks?

Daniel: We just want to poop together next to strangers!

Edler: Of course you do. But hey, listen, it's not that bad. I will be there. We will still be there as teammates together. We can remember Vancouver together.

Daniel: I haven't been to Vancouver since 2010.

[Edler starts to say something, stops]

Henrik: Alexander Edler is speaking nonsense, but you need to do this for Sweden. Go and beat those dirty Finns.


Edler: Let's go Daniel, we have medals to go win.

Daniel. And two weeks away from my brother.

Edler: That's right.