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Guys on Ice: Break on Through to the Other Side

***Welcome to the Official chat room of the Pittsburgh Penguins!***

SidneyNotKidney: Jordan! Glad to see you’re back, buddy!
Staalboy_11: Yeah! I’m so stoked to be back from injury! Let’s go murder some stupid Canadiens. I never liked those guys, amirite, fellas?
SidneyNotKidney: I like your dedication, but I was a Habs fan when I was a kid, you know.
Staalboy_11: Really? I’m sorry, man, I just—
SidneyNotKidney: I mean, I AM a professional here, so that’s not going to affect my performance at all.
Staalboy_11: But you’re not from Quebec and you’re not French.
SidneyNotKidney: Lots of people in the Maritimes are Habs fans, Jordan.
Staalboy_11: Well, crap. Now I feel like a dick. I’d expect it from Flower or Max, but—
ToThaMax69: Someone Say my name?
Staalboy_11: Uh, were you a Habs fan as a kid, Max?
ToThaMax69: Of course! You can’t be a true Quebecois without being a Habs fan.
Fleury_Avec_Sprinkles: C’est vrai.
LeOrangeDrink: Yeah, it is. They send out police to check your house and everything.  If they find Leafs stuff in your place, they send you away to be “re-educated.” You know…I haven’t seen my younger brother since then…
ToThaMax69: Hey now, no depressing stories, Mr. Unicorn hair.
Staalboy_11: Holy crap, was EVERYONE on our team a Habs fan at one point?
Fleury_Avec_Sprinkles: What? I always look up to Patrick Roy. How can I not?
Staalboy_11: You weren’t a Habs fan as a kid, were ya, Geno?
MalkMan: Borscht.
Staalboy_11: Good answer.