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Happy New Year’s from Barry Melrose Rocks!

Her at BMR, we’re always willing to improve ourselves. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that we want to work on:

Loser Domi: Usually I don’t like making resolutions, since I can never keep them and I’m let down.But this year, I think I have one I can keep: I  resolve to not get knocked up/infected with an STI

Kevin: “I need to figure out a plan to dedicate more time to blogging. It’s been tough since I started work. So that’s one thing. I also haven’t played hockey in years and want to get back into it, which means getting back into shape and the typical resolution that will inevitably be broken.As for the NHL… The Islanders better make one to get that arena deal done. I’m going to lose my mind if they don’t!”

We also like looking for an excuse to speculate about the lives of NHL personalities. After the jump, join us for what we (Kevin and I) think some personalities of the NHL might want to improve in 2010.



The Olympics: Avoiding a doping/judging scandal

Brendan Witt: Look before crossing the street
Mike Green: Try to get snubbed more than three times in 2010
Zdeno Chara: Learn how to read and eat fewer babies– they go straight to the waistline
Canada: Don’t burn down the country if the hockey team doesnt win gold
Jeremy Roenick: Come back into our lives
Rick Nash: Get a supporting cast
Steve Mason: Party like it’s 2008
Tomas Holmstrom: stop falling down
Roberto Luongo: get a haircut
Chris Pronger: continue being a great leader (with my elbow)
Joe Sakic: try not to get eaten by a machine (too soon?)
Scott Hartnell: meet Carrot Top
Montreal canadiens: Go on a fun trip to Six Flags, and ride all the rides they can, especially the Cinderella Coach ride
Nashville Predators: More Taylor Swift!
Daniel Briere: Dedicate more time to writing poetry
Minnesota Wild: prevent wildfires (too soon?)
Sean Avery: Continue looking fabulous and pissing off people.
Luke Schenndo yoga more often
Ilya Kovalchuk: continue using Superman powers to make pop music
Phoenix Coyotes: Get into the playoffs, just to tick people off
Kyle Wellwood, Martin Brodeur, Keith Tkachuck: Nah, this one’s too easy
Ric Flair: Put more WOO in our lives


Any other suggestions? Put ’em in the comments.